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Pre-Conference Workshops are Open Now

This year at the conference, pre-conference workshops will take place on Tuesday, September 27th from 1:00 to 4:00 PM at the Hilton Chicago.

Each pre-conference workshop costs just $50. Attendees will receive a certificate of attendance via email following the workshop. Register for the workshops now!

Already registered? Click "Already Registered" on this page and enter your confirmation number to modify your current registration.

Addressing the Heart of Compassion Fatigue

Abstract: To focus on self-care to address compassion fatigue and burnout may miss a key point. According to Dr. Christina Maslach, a leading burnout researcher, this implication may only worsen the problem, because it lays the responsibility on the person experiencing burnout. Instead, we must understand compassion itself and look at work expectations to make changes at the source. Age Level: 0-5 Strand: Policy Content Level: Intermediate Presenters: Erin Kinavey Wennerstrom, Anders Kinavey Wennerstrom

Making Inclusion Work: Early Care and Education Environment Indicators

Abstract: During this workshop, presenters will share the importance of and development of the early care and education environment (ECEE) indicators of inclusion as part of a suite of multilevel indicators of high-quality inclusion. Participants will examine the ECEE indicators and learn protocols for how they can be used to support providers working with children across settings. Age Level: 3-5 Strand: Practice Content Level: Intermediate Presenters: Alissa Rausch, Megan Vinh, Phillip Strain

Play-Based Assessment: Training Professionals in Authentic Processes

Abstract: In this session, we will focus on the authentic and holistic processes of play-based assessments and the importance of training pre-service and in-service early childhood teams. We will focus on A2 and A6 of the DEC Recommended Practices. We will discuss the benefits of play-based assessments for children and families from marginalized and minoritized communities. Age Level: 0-5 Strand: Professional Development Content Level: Introductory Presenters: Jeanine Coleman, Deborah Bruns, Toni Linder

Using Research and Reflection to Understand the Impact of Self-Leadership

Abstract: This session will offer participants an opportunity to reflect on their own leadership practices and characteristics, while also providing time to evaluate how their working styles may be perceived by others.The focus goes beyond self-reflection and seeks to enhance understanding the impact our actions have across our diverse spheres of influence. Age Level: 0-5 Strand: Professional Development Content Level: Intermediate Presenters: Annie George-Puskar, Elizabeth Beavers, Deborah Bruns


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