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Friday, September 30th - Spotlight Sessions

Conference Sessions Sessions will take place 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM! Even on this final day, there's dozens of sessions to choose from. View all sessions here.

Playing Together: The impact of inclusive ECD programming on children with IDD and their families - Presented by: Dr. Timothy Shriver • Dr. Alicia Bazzano - Add this session to your schedule here. Around the world, children with or at risk for intellectual and developmental disability (IDD) experience exclusion, isolation and lack access to opportunities for healthy development—just at the time they need an inclusive, connected world and opportunities to thrive. Using sport and play as a tool that sparks joy and change, Special Olympics provides evidenced-based early childhood development (ECD) interventions that support critical development in motor, social, cognitive, and daily living skills. Additionally, these interventions foster changes in attitudes and perceptions for parents, caregivers, and communities towards children with IDD and what they can accomplish. Using data and programming examples from around the globe, with strategic focus in low- and middle-income countries, Special Olympics exemplifies the value and importance of including every child in ECD interventions. Implementation: What We Know and What We Need to Know - Presented by: Erin E. Barton, PhD, BCBA-D - Add this session to your schedule here. Dr. Barton will review the state of the research regarding implementation of recommended practices and provide an overview of where we need to go to improve lives for young children and their families.


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