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Opportunities to Volunteer

We're seeking two types of volunteers for this year's conference! Could you help us out?

We're seeking volunteers to support DEC registration set up and logistics, as well as DEC exhibit booth support! Volunteers can sign up for one or more 4-hour volunteer spots between Monday, September 26th and Friday, September 30th. Sign up for a Spot.

Please consider supporting the DEC conference by loaning a projector for conference sessions!

We have a system in which the projectors will be handled by DEC staff/volunteers only and checked in and out securely. Loan a Projector.

Thank you! As a thank you for your time and generosity, we're offering our volunteers a $50 gift certificate for each 4-hour volunteer spot and/or for each projector loaned. Gift certificates can be applied to a 2023 conference registration, DEC bookstore products, or DEC Learning Deck webinars. (You'll be able to select your preference when you sign up at the links above!)

If you have any questions about volunteering, please don't hesitate to contact us at


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