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DEC2024 Save the Date: The Future of Inclusive Practices in Early Childhood (Ages 0-8): Equitable Access, Participation, and Supports

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The 2024 Application for Reviewers closed. Thank you for checking.

2024 Call for Proposal Reviewers and Mentors 

Deadline for applying is February 12th 11:59pm ET

Conference proposal reviewers play an important part in ensuring that DEC conferences provide high-quality, relevant professional development. DEC has a proposal review committee consisting of individuals who have professional and lived experience in the sector, and show a capacity to bring a racial equity lens to the work of the committee. Additionally, participating in the review process also provides a valuable service in ensuring that the conference represents the diversity of perspectives and experiences that make up the DEC Community.

Interested in helping others? Be a Review Mentor 
First time Reviewer? Request a Review Mentor (Please make your request early so you have time for working.)
More information in the Review Application (see below)

Conference Dates ~ September 17-20, 2024

GOAL: A list of all accepted sessions and details PUBLISHED online the beginning of APRIL; allowing professionals the opportunity to review the session information and make arrangements to attend before their semester  or school year is over.

Timelines and Deadlines

Please do not apply if you are not available during the last 2 weeks of February 2024.

The deadline for completing all reviews is February 29, 2024 at 11:59pm Eastern Time.

  • By February 12 @ 11:59pm Eastern: Individuals who wish to volunteer as reviewers complete a Conference Proposal Reviewer form online.

  • February 16 @ 11:59pm Eastern: Proposals submitted to DEC are distributed to reviewers. 

  • February 29 @ 11:59pm Eastern: Conference reviewers complete reviews. 

  • March: Authors are notified and acceptance or declination.

  • First part of April: Online list of accepted sessions is published.

Proposal Reviewer Application

DEC receives a large number of proposals, typically > 500 submissions. From start to finish, the review process will take place during the last part of February 2024. The deadline for reviewing is February 29, at 12:59pm Eastern Time.

When you volunteer to review for DEC, you select area(s) of expertise. Whenever possible, you will be assigned proposals within that area(s) of expertise. The number of reviews assigned depends on the area of expertise. Typically, the highest concentration is found in the By Practitioners for Practitioners, Practice, Professional Development, and Research strand areas.


Anyone may apply to be a conference proposal reviewer. DEC seeks a proposal review group consisting of individuals who have professional and lived experience in the sector, and who show a capacity to bring a racial equity lens to the work. Read the Division for Early Childhood of the Council for Exceptional Children Racial Equity Point of View at


If this is your first time reviewing, please let us know if you would like support. Support includes a call to go over the process and assure you feel comfortable and understand what is required. Additionally, a mentor can be assigned to work through a couple of reviews with you. We are open to other suggestions as well. Our goal is to assure that DEC incorporates the wisdom of those who represent the diversity of DEC’s interested parties in the selection of conference sessions.

In order to reach the 2024 goal,

every reviewer must submit all reviews by the deadline of February 29th. Thank you for your help!

Questions? Please contact Diana Stanfill

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